How It Works

This is our process, as simple as it is.

Add Water

Plug in the Turbo-Aire and remove the water cup. Fill Water cup with water to fill line, and return to unit.

Add Activating Agent

Open the foil pouch. Add it to the water once the unti is plugged in. Refills are available!

Leave Area

Leave the room with all pets (cover your fishtank). Blau-Aire is strong and works best in a closed area.


Wait a minimum of 3 hours before returning. The more time you allow, the better results.

Where to use it

Enclosed spaces of all kinds, from closets and cars to entire homes.

Home Odours

Remove lingering smoke smell of various kinds – It gives you privacy and is a courtesy to others. Your air will be cleaner & sanitized, as if you just "washed the air".

Car Odour

Get rid of that musty smell. Our system will help sell your vehicle by solving one of the most pesky and expensive problems  “a vehicle with odours”

Pet Odour

Let the Blau Aire™ Turbo deal with those embarrassing pet smells that accumulate in any home. Making periodic treatment of your home a breeze!